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One of the gambling entertainment activities available in any casino is a roulette. It’s notable for its simplicity. A player only needs to select one or several numbers on the field. Winning number is a number where the ball has fallen to on the wheel and come to a halt. There’s no need to memorize any rules and learn game strategies. Today online roulette for real money is a popular game that allows you to place bets without leaving your home.

Online Roulette for real money

Many people are attracted to an online roulette for real money because it allows not only to increase your deposit, but also to get a real pleasure from the game. People try to find a pattern in how the ball lands on the wheel, develop their winning strategies. It should be noted that it rarely brings a positive result. Roulette, like slot machines, is a type of random number generator, and the outcome depends only on your luck.

In the virtual world of online casinos, roulette has acquired new features – it is comfortable, accessible to players and, of course, profitable. Online roulette has:

  • Ease of visiting the casino. The client himself/herself chooses the time to start the game, and it is also his/her choice when to stop the spinning of the wheel of Fortune. All these factors guarantee the player’s freedom. In addition, online roulette guarantees the privacy of spin participants, which is especially important for the players who prefer not to advertise their hobbies.
  • Wide range of bets. The most profitable for the player is an online roulette with a set of pockets from 1 to 37. Thus, the possibility of determining the bet increases, and consequently, the winning odds are growing.
  • Additional bonuses. Playing roulette for free and without registration means that you can access not only the main game, but also numerous bonuses and additional bets that provide the player with advantages playing against the house.
  •  ‘Low threshold’ for entering the game. You can play roulette without registration with a minimum investment (a dollar or even one cent). Fans of true excitement and high stakes are recommended to choose private tables in online casinos – places focused on playing high stakes.
  • Abundance of game options. Today the most popular types of roulette are:

European roulette is known for a softer “character”. It has 37 sectors – numbers from 1 to 36 and “zero”. Using the possibilities of a free game, a player gets acquainted with the rules, specifics of bets in roulette and develops his/her own winning strategy. A popular variation of European roulette is a French roulette, which has several insurance rules for the player to increase winning odds.

American roulette
. This strict and severe game does not tolerate compromises. The rules in this type of roulette provide for the division of the table layout into 38 sectors, including pockets “0” (zero) and “00” (double zero). The presence of slots marked with zeros gives the house edge reaching 5.26%.

Online Roulette rating

Roulette ratings are quite high among professional online players, and the best gambling sites on this page will allow you to fully enjoy the best tables of the ‘Queen of gambling’. Varieties of real money roulette that are popular among casino players include European, French, American and other online versions, such as La Boule or No Zero. You can even recreate a real casino in your own house or apartment by simply choosing to play roulette with a live dealer.

Roulette in Online Casino

Modern types of roulette. This gambling game is constantly developing in online casino. That is why visitors, who are always in the pursuit of bright new products, choose variation of the game to their taste. You can play for free roulette without “zero”, mini-roulette with 13 sectors, or even a letter analog of the classic game, where instead of the set of numbers you will find the corresponding combinations of letters.

In our reviews, you will get acquainted with the best online casino sites that guarantee comfort to the visitors, ensure their safety during the game and offer a wide range of traditional and modern gambling games.

Basic rules to play for real money

Roulette for real money is conducted according to the same rules, regardless of the type of roulette being played. The bottom line is that the player faces special field with designated sectors. Exactly the same sectors are found on the roulette wheel layout. As soon as all bets are placed, the dealer rolls the ball and, if the sector with the bet matches the sector on the wheel where the ball falls into, the dealer announces the winnings and amounts.

The rules are quite simple, so they can be easily understood even by the user who has never taken part in such entertainment. At the same time, despite all the simplicity, there is always a great chance to win big money.

Roulette strategy

Roulette strategy is a system (algorithm) to play the game designed to predict the result and increase the winning odds. Today millions of players are literally hunting for the win-win solutions. Some systems increase the chances for success. The main thing is to understand their application and features. We will look at how strategies work, highlight the best ones and provide a number of tips that will help you move from a category of losers to a category of successful players.

Roulette with live dealers

The distinctive of playing with live dealers is that you see a real person playing at your table. Most often these are attractive women who brighten up the table game with their smiles. Anyone can enter such a table, but some casinos have their restrictions.

The main advantage of this type of the game is the maximum feel of visiting a land-based casino. You will gain the maximum experience with this game.

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